About Us

HHL-Zach-NatalieHot Hot Lover was actually born in 2008 when our mom was buying hot sauce for our dad and accidentally blurted out to the salesman that her husband was a ‘hot lover.’  She meant ‘lover of hot sauce’ – the salesman heard “HOT LOVER”.  Realizing her slip of tongue, she tried to correct herself, motioning to the hot sauces and saying “I mean – he is a ‘hot-hot’ lover.”  By this time the salesman could no longer keep a straight face, (another salesman turned beet red and left the room) ~ how could he not be embarrassed with our mom insisting her husband is a ‘HOT HOT LOVER’?  There was no digging herself out of the hole she dug.  Amid chuckles and laughter, “Hot Hot Lover” was born.

Since that fateful day, everyone knew our dad as Hot Hot Lover or HHL. It was a name that stuck.  So when Zach concocted his first dry rub about a year later – the Original Cayenne – it was only logical to call it Hot Hot Lover.  It was hot and spicy and the name fit.  For years we’ve been sharing it with friends and family who kept telling us we should try and market it.  They were tired of begging for it.

In 2013 we jumped head-first into the trademark process and started the ball in motion.  After a crash course in small business start-up, tons of paperwork and phone calls, countless weekends in every kind of weather testing spices on our smoker, and a LOT of sleepless nights tweaking formulas and working on the web site,  Hot Hot Lover, LLC was officially launched!

What originally started as an accidental blurt, Hot Hot Lover is now an artisan dry rub company located in the rolling hills of southern Indiana, and is owned and operated by a brother/sister team – Zach Abell and Natalie Abell.  (Son and daughter of the original HHL.)

At Hot Hot Lover, we strive for excellence in everything we do.  We believe strongly in creating the best dry rub possible for our customers using the finest spices from our trusted vendors.  Every batch is mixed by hand in micro-batches to ensure quality and freshness.  We personally measure, package and label every batch.  Our number one goal is to exceed your expectations so much that you want to share our dry rubs with your family and friends.  Because in the end, that’s what it’s really all about – bringing family and friends together.