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The Original Cayenne blend was the first dry rub recipe that we perfected in 2007. Because most of the dry rubs we had been using were heavy on salt, we wanted to create a rub that used less salt and focused more on the flavors of the peppers. The Original Cayenne blend is a perfect combination of hot, sweet and salty.

The Original Cayenne was instantly a hit with family and friends. Several years later we started experimenting with the original recipe. We wanted to keep the sweet and salty flavor of the ‘tried and true’ recipe but switch out the cayenne for two of our other favorite pepper powders. The result was the creation of the Original Jalapeno and Original Chipotle blends, each with its own distinct flavor and touch of heat.

~ ORIGINAL CAYENNE offers a quick, fast burst of heat and then it’s gone.
~ ORIGINAL JALAPENO provides a touch of heat and hint of fresh, crisp jalapeno flavor.
~ ORIGINAL CHIPOTLE has a hot and spicy, smoky flavor. A favorite of chipotle lovers.

The distinct flavor bursts of all three of these blends leaves you craving for more. Most of our customers tell us they’re just plain addicting. We would have to agree.

Since these three are all sugar-based blends, the flavors are best when used as a dry rub, allowing it to marinate, and then grilling. While the salt helps the flavors to penetrate the meat, the sugars caramelize as it cooks helping to seal in juices and flavor. It can also be used as a seasoning on dishes that are cooked on the stove or baked in the oven.

Depending on which pepper flavor you crave in the Original Trio, each blend is good on just about anything ~ all beef, pork, chicken, hot wings, fish, shrimp, burgers, brats….even tofu and veggie burgers. Great on fried potatoes, French fries, sweet potatoes and other potato dishes. Adds a hint of heat and sweetness to soups. Great for jazzing up store-bought BBQ sauces, baked beans or Sloppy Joes.  A huge hit on popcorn.

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